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When I first saw the trailers for Frozen, I could have cared less about who ended up with who. I just thought it looked like an appealing movie. Then I watched it, and I thought, Oh, Kristoff and Anna are cute, whatever. I was rooting for Hans and Anna, but you know, Hans is a shit face (#sorrynotsorry). But after watching it a few more times, and reading peoples’ reviews, thoughts, ideas, and alternatives, I started to wonder, Why didn’t Kristoff and Elsa end up together?

Kristoff sees the beauty in her powers when others saw danger and fear. He admires her powers, and would probably encourage her to use them and be proud of them, instead of teaching her to hide and fear them, like her parents did. (I’m sorry, did the trolls NOT say fear would be her enemy? Honestly, it’s like her parents weren’t even listening.) Kristoff and Elsa also have similar views, like “you can’t marry a man you just met” or “people who run into the mountains want to be alone”. (These are just two examples, I’m sure there are probably a few more). He also encouraged Anna to leave when he realized that Elsa was uncomfortable with their presence. Kristoff respects Elsa’s space and feelings. He also understands Elsa’s perspectives, and he usually shares them. Since they’re both the same age (I read that they’re both 21) their maturity level is pretty much equal, and they’re slightly more Collected? Sensible? Levelheaded? Serious?  than Anna. (Not that Anna can’t be any of these things when she needs to be). I feel like Anna’s bubbly, energetic, sort of look-after-you-leap personality would sometimes annoy Kristoff, and sometimes, he would enjoy talking to Elsa a wee bit more because she’s a little more poised and composed. 

Basically, after reading a bunch of character analyses, restlessly seeking fanfiction (not a lot for this pair, sadly), watching cute youtube videos like the one above, and obsessing over amazing manips, I am proud to say I ship Kristelsa. Don’t get me wrong, Kristanna is adorable, and Anna is a super kind and sweet princess who doesn’t deserve any less love than Elsa, but I just feel more strength from this pair. I’m sorry, but I’m not sorry. 

P.S. Please DO NOT come to my blog and start giving me bullshit for supporting Kristelsa, instead of Kristanna, Jelsa, Helsa, Hiccelsa, Elsanna (Ok, I don’t get that one. They’re sisters, isn’t that incest?), and any other ship. I don’t have to ship your ship, just like you don’t have to ship mine. You can respectfully share your opinions, or you can please stay away from my blog. Thanks.

Seringkali kita disibukkan dengan sesuatu yang bernafaskan “apa kata orang”…

Sedangkan “apa kata orang” itu belum tentu hal yang benar sesuai dengan “apa kata Allah”

refleksi (via faldomaldini)

berapa banyak tanggung jawab dan beban yang harus saya selesaikan setiap harinya.

tapi kali ini saya sendirian.